Welcome to the world, BugBug!

Yesterday, on August 29th, Papa and I went in to Dr. G’s office for a 39-week checkup and NST. I was 2 cm dilated and baby was still looking big, so she asked if we wanted to do a membrane sweep. I was already having contractions, so she also scheduled me to check in to the hospital at 8pm that evening. Papa and I went out to a dinner of Red Lobster (appropriate, as my cravings this pregnancy have been seafood and meat) and then showed up on time to check in to a room. Contractions continued all night but it was amazing how much less painful they were than with Little Bear (and pitocin). I spent some time in the bathtub and walking around but mostly I (we) just tried to sleep.

At 8am on August 30, she broke my water. There was a huge gush and I quickly headed into transition. Papa went to get breakfast at about 8:30 and I called him back rather quickly. Luckily we were at the hospital because if I were laboring at home, I wouldn’t have come in until about 8:45am. You’ll see why that was lucky in a minute. In any case, by 9am I was begging for an epidural so they struggled for a bit to get it in but finally succeeded around 9:30. Relief came quickly and the medication took just enough of the edge off for me to start pushing at around 10am. Two contractions worth of pushes and my sweet boy joined us… on his papa’s birthday. He was 9lbs 12oz of pure cuteness and we were in love.

Welcome to the world, darling boy. I can’t wait to see what you make of it!


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