When it’s not about you

This week, I had the opportunity to spend some time at the beach with my family. The beach house that has been in the family for years is great and has lots of special features, but one of the best is the giant bathtub. There are at least a handful of photographs of me in this tub over the years but until this weekend, none of me as an adult, actually taking a bath. So why let some one in there with a camera now? Because this time, my sweet boy was with me and opening the door to my mom allowed her to take these pictures. Forgetting, for a minute, that I still felt awkward in my 4 months-postpartum body, forgetting that I still had pounds to lose and tanning to do, I let her in. Because sometimes, it’s not about me. Sometimes it’s about us.

neach house christmas (1 of 1) neach house christmas (1 of 1)-3 neach house christmas censored (1 of 1)


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