Pinterest casual

In my mind, my house looks just like my Pinterest Board. BoardS, actually, as I have one for each room in my house. In reality, though, only one of my bookshelves is organized by color and the print-at-home pantry labels are as yet unprinted.

But I have two little kids and while my dreams of a wrapping paper station are still just that, I do need some systems around the house. Preferably ones that require few materials, time, or money.

When I discovered that up-cycled wipe containers make great storage, I tackled the art cabinet. With the help of my label maker, I came up with this:

Notice the gray tub on the bottom shelf. That is to catch all the stuff that either doesn’t fit in the wipe containers, or that doesn’t have a container yet. I firmly believe in several of these tubs around your house. Clutter stays of the shelves and you can analyze what has gathered there and what might need a space of its own.

I’ll get back to you when I color code them.


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