Mom’s camping kit

We have done a lot of camping this summer. Bear and Bug just love it and they’re at the age where they’re both reasonably fun to take out into the wilderness. I saw a great idea on Pinterest and knew that with all these trips, I’d have to try it.

The idea: Mom’s Camping Kit (seriously, this woman is brilliant)

The verdict: Pinterest Win! In fact, I just might make one of these for our house!


My packing list is here. Obviously, this is just one year’s accumulation. Emily, at Abide with Me (where I got the idea, linked above) has a much more extensive kit. Also, what you have would obviously depend on your family, the length of the trip, specific medical needs, etc. For example, we don’t really have ticks or poisonous snakes here. If you did, you might want something in case of a tick/snake emergency. But this is a starting point.

Oh, and I forgot my last rule. No one touches it but me! Happy Camping!


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