Happy fifth birthday, Little Bear!

Another year has come and gone and you continue to impress me with your intelligence, kindness, empathy, daring, and capacity for understanding your world and everything in it. You are full of questions and thrive on new vocabulary and ideas. You love hearing explanations of how and why things work and enjoy putting complicated ideas together. You are sensitive and often wear your heart on your sleeve, which means you are likely to dissolve into tears and almost explode with joy almost in the same moment. You love music and art, and everything fancy or fabulous. Your favorite shows are “Miles from Tomorrowland” and “Scooby Doo,” I think because of the adventure and mystery in both of them. You keep papa and I on our toes, sweet girl, and our lives are fuller and more interesting with you in them. Happy birthday to the girl who made me a mom, and who continues to challenge and enhance everything I know about myself and the world.

five five (1 of 1) five (1 of 1)-2 five (1 of 1)-3


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