No stone unturned

Usually having little kids and a full time job doesn’t leave me much time for crafting but a newly planted garden inspired me so I turned, of course, to Pinterest. It only took me two months to collect the materials and when I finally sat down to do it, things went quickly. If you don’t count stopping to nurse and change diapers and make lunch and find sneakers and fix train tracks and…

The idea: Painted garden markers

The verdict: Win! I love these!


-Smooth, flat rocks (you should rinse these off. I didn’t but I bet it would have been a good idea)
-Sharpie oil-based paint pen
-Colored Sharpies
-Ceramic spray glaze/sealer*

*All of my materials, save for the rocks, I got at JoAnn. I got the rocks at the beach.

1. Rinse rocks and let then dry (see above)
2. Write with paint pen. I did several layers of this to make the white brighter. It dried pretty quickly.
3. Go over the paint pen with Sharpie. On done of the rocks I only waited about ten minutes to do this and ended up with paint on my Sharpie tip. I was still able to draw but maybe waiting an hour or overnight would be better.
4. Spray on the sealer. This made the rocks darker and the colors more vibrant. They looked awesome!
5. Let then dry!








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