Big day for Little Bit!

After the hard news last week that Little Bit wasn’t gaining weight quickly enough, the wonderful lactation consultant suggested on Friday that I supplement her with two one ounce bottles of breast milk per day. Her bilirubin levels had basically stayed the same since our NICU release and she was only just to birth weight three weeks in. So anyway, it was a worrisome weekend and it was hard not to second guess myself every time she ate. Was she eating often enough? Getting enough? Going through enough diapers?

Anyway, my palms were sweating when I put her on the scale today. I was hoping for 8lbs 9 oz, which would have been a 1 oz/day gain and… she was almost 8 lbs 11oz! There were hugs and smiles all around and then I nursed her but this time, with a little less trepidation. And the icing on the cake? Her bili levels were down to 11, the first real decrease we’ve seen in a week and a half. Blessings abound!untitled-69-2 untitled-83-4


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