What was old is new again

This last week I smugly pulled out all of our old cloth diapers to use on Little Bit. “I’m so smart and thrifty,” I thought to myself. “Look at all the diaper changes that save us money!” And then I happily snapped one on to her tiny body. My smile faded when I saw the gaping leg holes. “I know Bug was big,” thought I “But I remember these fitting him as a newborn.” It seemed that my trusty Bum Genius AIO diapers had lost a little of theirshine after almost continuous use for the last five years. And when I held up an old (blue) one to a new (pink) it seemed that the elastic well, was no longer elastic. So I did what I always do when I’m too cheap to buy something new… I turned to Pinterest.image

The idea: Put new elastic on the legs of my old BumGenius diapers.
Verdict: Win! This makes me even more of a believer in this brand!

-BumGenius diapers with stretched out leg elastic
-New 1/4 inch elastic (4 2/4 inches per leg opening)
-White polyester thread
-Small safety pin

1. Flip the old diaper inside out.
2. Cut a new piece of elastic 4 1/4 inches long. Set it aside.
3. Find where the elastic is sewn to the diaper. This may take a bit of digging, but there shouldn’t need to be any seam-ripping.
4. Cut the elastic from the diaper. Be sure to hold on to the now-loose end!
image6. Hand sew the end of your new piece to your old piece. You just need one or two stitches to do this. Stick your safety pin through the loose end of the new elastic so you don’t accidentally pull out through the casing. I learned this the hard way.image
7. Pull the old piece through the casing towards the old end that is still attached to the diaper. Since you sewed the new piece to the old piece, this will pull the new one through, too. Just DON’T PULL IT TOO FAR!
8. Hand sew the new end to your diaper. I just attached it right under where the old end had been attached.
9. Cut the old end that is still attached to the diaper and cut the old and new elastic apart. Use your safety pin again to attach temporarily to the now loose new end as a safety measure.
10. Sew the loose new end on to the diaper.

Repeat for the other leg. I still can’t believe how quick this was or how well it worked. Check out my “after” picture. They’re almost the same size again. No blowouts here and I can keep being smug. Good day all around.



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