I don’t know what “Auld Lang Syne” means and I’m not about to give myself more to feel guilty about next November by listing my resolutions here but I will start this post off with my word of the year: kindness.

Kindness to my kids,  in my patience and tone of voice; kindness to my husband as I support him in his journey to be a better person; and also kindness to myself. I saw a cute quote-on-top-of-a-picture recently that said that instead of making resolutions today and thinking of how you can improve,  you should take a few minutes and think of what you’re proud odd yourself for. It was really hard for me to do, in fact, I still haven’t actually done it! But isn’t that another truth? That you can not be kind to others without first being kind to yourself?

So that’s my word for 2016. Kindness.  To myself, and everyone around me. Here’s to a new year!



Family celebrations today to ring in the new year. Resolution #2… eat less food…


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