Speedy Delivery!

My kids have been watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood recently. They’re especially taken with Mr. McFeely, the mailman. Cries of “speedy delivery” echo through our house as Little Bear and Bug carry things from one place (usually where they belong) to another  (where I can never find them again).

In any case, in my continued efforts to km and streamline our house and life (hah!), I found an idea on Pinterest where each family member has their own little drawer to contain out-of-place items that need to be returned to their rightful home. I’ll link it here when I can find it. My answer to this is usually to put stuff on the stairs, which drives Papa up the wall, so this seemed like a plausible idea.

I was all set to use mismatched bins emptied during my km sweep of the house but at Target tonight,  I found these. So I give you… our Speedy Delivery station! The kids are thrilled about making meaningful deliveries and the previously underused piano top is sparking great joy.





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