The mountains are calling

I’m really going to make an effort to get the kids outdoors this summer. Not just to our usual haunts but into the woods, to the mountains, to the fields and streams. Wild Explorers Club has been forcing me to do just that (well, for the past two weeks anyway) and today’s adventure was not a disappointment.

Place: Camassia Wildlife Refuge
Scenery: 5/5 (maybe season-dependent, though)
Kid-cessability (see what I did there?): 5/5

Don’t let the random neighborhood entrance fool you, this is a popular place. We found great parking at 8:45 am but by 10:30, the snack street was packed. The hike stays of on a wide area that was the most vibrant geeen I’ve seen in awhile. Tons of local plant spotting here, too: trillium, Camas lily, Duckfoot, ferns, Oregon Graoe… others that I can’t name… Bug helped guide the way.


So it’s beautiful and there these cool recycled-material boardwalks and a few small streams and then BAM, it opens up into this field of flowers.


And it’s like Ireland or Scotland or something, or what I imagine them to be like since I haven’t actually visited there. And then Mt. Hood and madrone trees and more and more flowers…





There is quite a bit of freeway noise at some points, but there are also birds and frogs and it’s just so pretty. Not much elevation change and maybe a two mile loop, if that. Definitely my new favorite kid hike in the area. Let me know if you try it out!



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