Little Bit’s big day!

Today we celebrated Little Bit’s first birthday. First. FIRST! I know, how did it happen. She has made our lives so much richer and more sweet with her presence over the year but, as third children do, often just gets swept up into our arms as we race from activity to activity with her older siblings. It was important to me to make this day special, to make it about her. So we packed everyone in the car and headed to our favorite party spot… Uncle E and J’s house!

Despite a hectic month both at home and school, I was able to pull off some fun decorations for the space. To be honest (Bug’s new favorite phrase) I really just planned the theme so she could wear the ADORABLE Ladybug Girl dress that I purchased MONTHS ago at Target. (And which I now realize I took zero pictures of. Awesome.)


True to fashion, we ended up with way more food than we needed which was amazing. I must have visited the table four times during the afternoon and I am still considering going back for leftovers even though it is, now, hours later. So many special people came to celebrate and the atmosphere was fun and festive.

And then it came time for the Dol ceremony. I dressed (a now very sleepy) Little Bit in her special dress and brought her out to seal her fate.

Emma one year-2 I mean, pick an item from the tray in front of her. (As a reminder, sister Little Bear picked up a sword, signifying that she would be a warrior and brother, Bug Bug, picked up both a music scroll and a bit of rice, indicating both music and food in his future. Both have proved to be accurate). Presented to her were: a sword, a blood pressure cuff, pencils, scrolls, a book, money, and some food. My bet was on the music scroll, since she is already more vocal than the other two were at her age. And….

Emma one year

She went for the pencils! We have a smarty-pants on our hands!

And then she went for the scrolls, signifying art or music. So she’ll be smart but an artist. I guess we can’t win them all. Emma one year-4

In all seriousness, she looked beautiful and despite having very little sleep, she performed marvelously. Most of the party she was glued to me, watching the room as is typical for her, but she did spend some time playing with new toys, navigating the stairs headfirst, and learning how to lick chip residue off her fingers. So all in all, a success. Here’s to many more great years, Little Bit, some of which it looks like may be spent in my basement.



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