Young legs and old trees

Today we took an AMAZING hike on the Old Salmon River Trail. We were anticipating a hot day so we chose a stream (river) that was wade-able but as it turned out, while the weather was perfect for hiking, it was too cold for a dip in a 40 degree river. described the trail like this: “This easy trail is usually open all year, and is ideal for beginning hikers, kids and hikers with somewhat limited mobility. The grades are always easy, stairways climb the few hills and rustic bridges cross the string of tiny streams along the way. The Salmon River is a constant companion, and the traffic on the Salmon River Road is light enough that you’ll forget that it parallels the trail.” 

That is all completely true. The hike was easy enough for a three year old, a six year old, two (very outdoorsy and spry) grandparents, and a tired mama with a one year old in a backpack. There were logs to walk on; giant stands of cedar, Doug fir, and hemlock; great, sweeping mossy branches; a river with both frothy rapids and calm clear pools; tons of native vegetation; nice views; (mostly) wide trails… and it was well traveled enough that I’d feel comfortable in the summer doing it without other adults with me.

The highlights, of course, were finding perfect walking sticks and eating lunch on the rocks. Once we make maps of our trip, the kids will earn their Wolf Badge! Perfection.


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