The first day, again.

In the last week, both Bear and Bug have started school  (1st grade and pre-order, respectively). I bought all the supplies, washed all the clothes, and took the requisite first day pictures. And somewhere in there, my babies took their next exciting step.

Little Bear, I hope you continue to be a kind and generous friend. I hope you keep including everyone and not leaving anyone behind. I hope you learn to read chapter books like you so desperately want and that your love of science, math, and vocabulary don’t go away. Continue to perform, create, question, and challenge, even when I act annoyed  (and I’ll try not to, quite so often). Happy first grade!

And my Bug, my charismatic, hilarious, loving boy. The end of last school year was hard and it took some real detective work this summer for papa and I to figure out how best to speak your language. You challenge me to think outside the box and to love everyone exactly as they are. You certainly have a handle on that! My hope for you is that you feel loved. That you don’t feel misunderstood and frustrated by your world. That you can relax and breathe and be at peace with life… but that you keep the exuberance and enthusiasm and joy that radiates from your little body. I love you so much. Happy pre-k!


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