Karate Kids

Months after the kids won a free intro karate class at a local martial arts school, I finally scheduled appointments. I knew from previous experience that this place was great (they focus on manners, listening skills, growth mindset, and physical fitness) but I wasn’t prepared for how much the kids would love it. Bug couldn’t even contain his excitement the first time he put on the outfit. Look at his face in this picture!

About a week before our first class, Bear  had told me she was really nervous because she didn’t want to get beat up. I think she was picturing being put in a room with a bunch of ninjas or something! I reassured her, but even up until the actual class started, I think in the back of her mind that was a very real fear.

I was so proud of both of them. Bear found her strong voice and broke her board on the very first try today, with a confident kick and a loud “Diya!” My pictures turned out terribly (Little Bit was trying to nurse slash escape and do some karate of her own) but her face was so shocked, it was priceless.

And Bug, who struggles with listening on a good day, let alone an evening where he’s already had an hour of OT, was amazing. He tried so hard on the blocking and the cross body punching. You could see the wheels turning as he tried to remember which hand to use, where resting position was, and how exactly his feet were supposed to be. His “Diya” was hesitant during his board breaking but he took a breath, tried again, and kicked right through (with a super loud shout) the second time through. Ms. Bre kept her standards high, too, and didn’t let him settle for less than his best.

So we’ve officially earned white belts and they’re chomping at the bit for real lessons to start next week (for Bug) and the week after (for Little Bear). The timing isn’t the best and I’ll have to be both creative and well-prepared with our dinner plans… not my strong suit… but I think it will be worth it in so many ways. Even if only to see faces like these:

^Bug getting his white belt.

^Bear getting her white belt.

^Getting ready to break his board.

^Breaking his board.

^Breaking her board on the first try!

^Warrior stance. Or something like that.

^Two new white belts


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